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Full House Painting Auckland

Honest painters offer a wide range of painting and plastering services to uplift the curb appeal and aesthetics of your humble abode. It not just makes your structure beautiful but also strengthens it from the inside to increase its longevity and quality of appearance. Our service ambit includes services that can cater to both residential and commercial painting and plastering needs. So, whether you want interior house painting, exterior house painting, touch-ups, or just want to give your property a makeover, we can be fully trusted!
Now, let’s look at our services:

1. Full House Painting:

A new coat of paint instantly improves the overall aesthetics of the property. House Painters Auckland gives your home a long life by adding color, beauty, and strength to it. Our professional painters at Honest Painters are knowledgeable and highly experienced in providing the desired makeover to your home. Furthermore, House Painters Auckland services come at cost-efficient and affordable prices.
Take a look at what to expect when you are getting your house fully painted from us:

Take a look at what to expect when you are getting your house fully painted from us:

  • Premium quality products
  • Excellent workmanship and knowledge
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free quote
  • We work with all kinds of properties

Contact us to know more at Phone: 09 390 7634 Email: info@honestpainters.co.nz

2. Interior House Painting

We know how important your home is to you, hence protecting it and giving it a premium and long-lasting finish becomes more than a duty to us. We at Honest Painters put considerable thought before painting your house as our sole aim is to satisfy you with our end result. Our premium quality products and skilled workmanship will add a new perspective to your home.

If you are getting the interiors of your house painted by our house painters in Auckland, then expect the following things:

  • We use only premium products with the best of brands like Dulux, Resene, Wattyl, Site and safe, and more.
  • Our painters are skilled, qualified, and trained in providing a smooth finish and shine to your home.
  • Our prices are affordable and cost-efficient
  • We provide a free consultation and quote.
  • If you are not satisfied with our results, we provide touch-up service at zero cost.


3. Exterior House Painting

Home exterior designs are the most crucial part of any property as that is the first thing visitors notice about your home. Hence, picking up the perfect color palette for your home’s exterior is of great importance.

Also, the exteriors of your house are most vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, they have to endure the scorching heat of the sun, constant water penetration through rains, and whatnot! This makes the structure weaken and dull with each passing day. With good exterior paint coating, you are layering the structure of your home with a protective shield. Not only will it prevent your home from normal wear and tear but also enhances its curb appeal.

We at Honest Painters provide a wide of exterior painting services that include the painting of the following:

  • Gutters
  • Fascia
  • Gable
  • Pergola
  • Garages
  • Fences
  • Driveways

We are the most reliable painting company in Auckland that is 100% equipped with the required resources to cater to your painting requirements. Therefore, if you are looking for exterior painters in Auckland, you know who to lean on! Call today!

4. Commercial Painting

Whether your workplace is a salon, office, café, restaurant, or any other commercial space, keeping it in top-notch condition is a necessity. Therefore, if you need to brighten up the interior and exterior of your property, contact us at Honest Painters immediately! We can answer all your queries related to painting and then provide you with the best and the most reliable professional service. Our Painters are skilled and updated with all the knowledge required to give your space the spectacular makeover it deserves!

Commercial property is your biggest asset hence it should be handed over to the hands of experts and no one else. Trust us at Honest Painters and we won’t let you down with our services. Our top-notch professional painters will complete the entire painting project with precision and accuracy. We promise to bring a wide smile to your face with our end result. Contact us today.

5. Roof painting

A roof is an essential part of the structure of the house that requires regular maintenance from time to time. But the reality is far away from this fact! As the roof is often the most neglected part of house maintenance and care. The result is it gets dirty, broken, and weak, leaving the paint and protection in utter shambles. Therefore, to prolong your roof’s life you need the services of professional roof painters in Auckland. They have the required knowledge and expertise to deal with the disappointing condition of your roof to give it the strength and sturdiness it needs.

We at Honest Painters do our very best to transform your roof by painting it properly, coating it with protective paint layers, and healing all its existing damages. This will ensure not just your safety but also add healthier years to your property’s life.

6. Interior Plastering

If you are aiming for a smooth finish to your home, interior plastering is your answer. It forms a perfect canvas for the paint to glide on. It can be applied almost everywhere and anywhere to give an attractive look to the inside surfaces of your home. Contact Honest Painters today for all your interior plastering needs and we guarantee to provide a concrete finish after concealing all unappealing surfaces and spots. This initial prenup is crucial before any painting process. If done correctly, interior plastering can be a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution to uneven walls and surfaces.

However, it is of utmost importance that Interior Plastering is done by thorough experts in the area, as they have the required expertise in understanding the condition of your walls and giving them the treatment, it needs. Contact Honest Painters for professional interior plastering services to give your walls the strength and shine it requires.

7. Exterior Plastering

Exterior plastering enhances the look of your building by making the texture smooth and firm. It protects the exterior surfaces from many adversities like atmospheric influences, covering of unsound and porous material, etc. To a certain extent, it also serves as a fire protection layer. Hence, exterior plastering should always be handled by a professional painting and plastering company like Honest Painters. As there are many things that are to be kept in mind before and after applying exterior plasters.

Choose a team of plastering professionals for the job and get the results you desire. Our painters come well-equipped with all the high-grade tools and technologies to get rid of all those unpleasing bumps, chip-offs, marks, and dents on your walls that were initially killing the beauty of your property. Contact Honest painters today to get a satisfaction guarantee at affordable prices.

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A freshly painted house is now within everyone’s budget. Our expert service will make you feel like a million dollars in your house.


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