How do I Estimate the Cost of Painting a House?

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House painting is a significant task. It’s a good idea to budget for the expense of painting your home before you begin, whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional.

You must first determine the size of the surfaces you intend to paint and other essential elements to determine the cost per square foot of painting a house.

Fortunately, if you take the 5 steps listed below, you’ll be producing good, appealing estimates in no time.

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1. Find the Paintable Area.

The total finished space should be reduced by the area of doors (a typical door is 21 square feet) and windows (a typical window is 12 square feet). A specialist will provide you with an exact estimate if the property has balconies, roofs, or intricate and elaborate architectural elements.

For instance, the paintable space in a typical 2,500-square-foot home is about 2,100 square feet. Consider the following equation to estimate the price of painting a home:

The total number of gallons of paint required = square feet of paintable area/square feet of paint coverage.

As an illustration: 2,100/350 = 6 x 2 = 12.

  • A paintable surface of 2,100 square feet divided by a covering area of 350 square feet results in a painting requirement of 6 gallons. You’ll require two coats, so multiply that amount by two. The amount of paint is 12 gallons.

2. Labor

Labour makes up the bulk of the cost of painting a house. Painting a house typically costs between $25 and $100 per hour, which is typically included in the quote. Professional home painters in Auckland will know how long the project will take to finish and how many painters are needed. Regional price variations are influenced by the area’s total cost of living.

3. Area to Be Painted

The project will cost more the more paintable area there is. Due to the quantity of paint required and the additional equipment required for hard-to-reach regions, painting a two- or three-story house is more expensive. It takes extra time during setup and cleanup. Painting a house typically costs between $.50 and $4 per square foot, with the total project cost averaging between $.75 and $2 per square foot. One may spend up to 50% more money on a two-story house than a one-story one.

4. Material Type

The kind of outer material has a big impact on how much it costs to paint a house. Due to their reduced porosity, you can paint wood and vinyl siding for $1 to $2 less per square foot than other types of siding. Because of how much paint and primer are needed to cover the materials completely and how much labour is involved, the cost to paint stucco, concrete, and brick varies. Different materials, like metal, could call for particular paints.

5. Geographical Location and Climate

The sort of paint used and the frequency of painting a house are both influenced by weather and climate. The exterior paint can fade in direct sunlight if you reside in a warm, sunny climate. Paint that can endure the weather is necessary for homes in regions with severe winters or excessive humidity.


Painting your house inside and out is a tried-and-true method of updating your home’s appearance. Choosing a modern paint colour scheme is the best action if you want to give your house a fresh appearance without incurring the cost of a major overhaul.

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