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Roof Painting Auckland

The roof is the most essential element of your house that keeps you safe and protected. And hence it’s your responsibility to maintain it. Often, many people neglect roof painting and hence end up putting themselves into hot waters. Roofs are prone to get damaged and dingy due to several factors. Excessive sunlight can fade the roof color, bird poop can leave behind dirty spots, and rainfall or snowfall also affects the life of your roof. Hence, roof painting is extremely important. 

A well-painted roof makes your exterior look attractive and pleasing. If you get roof painting from us, we can guarantee that the passerby will turn their heads back to your home. The aesthetic appeal of your home is bound to increase from our painting services.

We Provide The Best Roof Painters in Auckland

Do you want to extend the life of your roof and avoid a costly roof replacement? Get in touch with Honest Painters right away. We provide the best services for roof painting in Auckland on all types of roofs throughout Auckland. Our team of professional roof painters has extensive experience with all roof access equipment and roof painting techniques, making us the ideal painter for any residential or commercial property roof painting.

Our roof painting professionals not only paint your roofs but also thoroughly prepare them before beginning their actual painting work. The first step in our process is to remove mould and other microorganisms from the roof and thoroughly clean it. While cleaning, we make sure to check for any minor repairs that are needed. We deal with them first so that you don’t have to worry about repairs and repainting later. For this reason, the painting process will come next, and we will ensure a long-lasting result for your roof. We only use paint from premium paint providers. Having us paint your roof will help prevent rust. We assure you that after we finish painting your home, you will have amazing results. We prioritise quality over price. We are confident that we can and will deliver excellent results because House Painters Auckland take the time to understand your requirements.

Commercial and Residential Roof Painters Auckland

Working with commercial and residential buildings necessitates a distinct set of skills. Residential properties are delicate to manage, while commercial spaces are large and require experience and expertise to manage. Both spaces necessitate a technical approach and understanding to achieve the best results.

Honest Painters are industry leaders and are well-known for their roof painting services throughout Auckland. House Painters Auckland pay close attention to even the smallest details to ensure you get excellent results without sacrificing quality.

Our team strives to provide customers with thoroughness, trust, and quality. We strive to provide the best results possible by paying attention to every detail of the work from start to finish. Nonetheless, we follow the most ethical industry practices and processes. As a result, you get the most value for your money and time. Our roof painters in Aukland excel at being thorough, even in the most adverse conditions. Honest Painters are the most cost-effective commercial and residential roof painters in Auckland. Contact us for a free estimate.

Our Exterior Painting Services Include

  • Gutters
  • Fascia
  • Gable
  • Pergola
  • Garages
  • Fences
  • Doors
  • Drive Ways

Honest Painters At Its Best!

Honest Painters is the most trusted and reliable painting company. Our painting crew is trained and highly skilled. Before putting tangy tints on the walls, they thoroughly inspect, properly clean, remove bubbling paints, prep the surface, and then paint the walls and ceilings. This is our painting process that gives you the first-class look at your commercial space. Our painters have all tools at their disposal like brushes, primers, and rollers to create the desired look for your commercial space. With high-grade tools and technologies, we can help you get rid of those dents, dings, marks, and stains that kill the beauty of the office.

Prompt Reliable Service

We live up to our name as one of the most reliable painting contractors in Aukland and the nearby areas, offering timely, quality service.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We do not intend to give you even one chance to call us for a complaint after the project is done. Full satisfaction is promised.


A freshly painted house is now within everyone’s budget. Our expert service will make you feel like a million dollars in your house.


We have seasoned professionals on board who have years of experience. They will finish the work quickly, accurately, and with extreme care.

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